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Training Plans

Hal Higdon. I love Hal Higdons training plans.They are easy to follow and they work.The free training plans on his site provide you with an overview of what mileage you should be doing, when and to what intensity.

I learnt about him when I was based in Chicago training for my first marathon, he is a local legend. His beginners marathon training plan got me around the Chicago marathon in one piece. I have also used his 5k plan and Tri Sprint plan, all to great effect.

On his site he also has more detailed plans that you can buy which give a day by day guide to training. Also, when I took part in the Chicago marathon, I subscribed to his email service that provided a daily training plan and much needed motivation.

Hal Higdons Training Plans

Hal Higdon 5k Training Plans. Novice , Intermediate or Advanced

Hal Higdon 10k Training Plans. Novice , Intermediate or Advanced

Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Plans. Novice , Intermediate or Advanced

Hal Higdon Marathon Training Plans. Novice , Intermediate1, Intermediate2, Advanced1 or Advanced2

Hal Higdon Sprint Triathlon Training Plan. Trifit

Look for Hal Higdons detailed training plans on trainingpeaks.com plus lots of other great training plans reasonably priced.


Jeff Galloway's training plans

Jeff Galloway is another legend in training and has some great tips and plans on his site, he takes a slightly different approach to Hal Higdon by defining the mid week runs by time spent running rather than actual miles covered which achieve the same great results.

Jeff Galloways' 5k/10k Training Plans

Jeff Galloways' Half Marathon Training Plans

Jeff Galloways' Marathon Training Plans


Beginner Triathletes' web site has a great selection of training plans for both budding triathletes and experienced competitors ranging from free training plans up to gold membership plans. Also lots of other great tips and articles.

Nike trainer great for marathon training



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